Our project

The Pedü project stems from the desire to restore value to a craft knowledge, which risked being lost, and to keep alive a cultural heritage, handed down from generation to generation, among the families of Valmalenco, in Valtellina.

Thanks to expertise, witnessing and knowledge handed down by the four art masters from Valmalenco, who are the keepers of the Pedü tradition, the young apprentices have been able to learn the secrets that have always made these shoes unique.

Commitment, passion and the value of the project have allowed the young apprentices to become the seamstresses who today expertly pack the Pedü in our laboratory, according to tradition.

Our project was born from the discovery of a pair of old Pedü in the attic of the family hut. And thanks to numerous experiments, collaborations, mergers of knowledge and expertise, these shoes have come back to your feet today as high-quality handmade footwear, manufactured with natural and eco-friendly materials.

By supporting this project, it is possible to keep alive an old and equally precious craft knowledge.




Light and comfortable

Naturally thermoregulated


Made of fabric

Without socks

Made in the Alps

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