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Our places

We can proudly state that the Pedü are designed and manufactured 100% in our laboratory in Sondrio, Valtellina.

A valley immersed in the heart of nature, boasting a wide and deep history.

Our territory is appreciated worldwide for the high quality and tradition that distinguish its wine products. High quality is in our DNA, so we decided to transmit it through the Pedü.

An extraordinary terraced system that stretches over 2500 km consisting of dry-stone walls, makes it possible to cultivate vines in the steep and sunniest areas of the Rhaetian Alps, giving life to some of the most prized wines in Italy.

The decision to carry out the entire production in our territory is motivated by the desire to enhance a product that was born and grown right in this valley: we are proud of our roots so every day we try to carry on our work to the best of our ability, telling a story that deserves to be known and appreciated by all.

We are proud
of our roots.

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