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Entirely handmade, they are produced with eco-friendly high-quality fabrics and materials:

With a recycled rubber sole and a careful research of design and innovation to guarantee comfort and style. Unlike in the past, today they are made with sewing machines and no longer exclusively by hand, improving the strengthand accuracy of the finishes. The latter are manually controlled by our seamstresses, in every single seam, guaranteeing the high qualityof the shoes as well as the craftsmanshipthat distinguishes them.

All of our footwear features the Vibram sole made of Eco-step material

The Vibram® ECOSTEP sole is an environmentally friendly compound made with at least 30 percent recycled rubber from the production stages, maintaining high levels of grip and durability.

The main feature of Vibram soles is undoubtedly their durability: shoes equipped with these soles can last even decades, withstanding even particularly rough terrain and paths.


The pedü are entirely made from top-quality fabrics, without the use of leather orplastic parts.

The upperis made with a double layer of coupled natural fabrics that guarantee insulationand breathability.
The seams are made of high-strength polyester thread made from recycled PET.

The EcoPedü soft sole is made with layers of overlapping and sewn woolwithout the use of glues; in this way the Pedü guarantee both the necessary rigidity and the ability to adapt to the foot shape. The layers are suitably shaped to allow correct longitudinal support. Furthermore, the wool layers allow correct breathability and suitable thermal insulation from both heat and cold, guaranteeing natural thermoregulation.

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